Make of your house a better home.  

When you own a home, you end up after a while with the dreaded to-do list.

This is where Home Improvements comes in.

We take in hand all the elements of your "to-do list" and make them disappear.


Partitions, Attic, Doors and fences, Stairs / stairs, Bathrooms, Deck boards, Garage door closing, Blinds, Handrails, Tiles, Hinges, Ceiling repairs, Taps, Worktops, Quick-step, Wardrobes , Lighting, electricity, showers, plumbing, etc.

Maintenance Services:

Attic, garage, kitchen, cleaning gutters and downspouts, garden maintenance, etc.


Renovation projects:

Residential renovation services, addition of rooms, kitchen renovation, bathroom renovation, garage and basement optimization, etc.


We offer many types of paint services, from basic wall paint to patio stain dyeing, furniture painting and dyeing, and more.

Home Improvements can meet all the needs of your home, apartment or commercial buildings.

We guarantee you quality work.


Gabion Projects:

Are you looking for an aesthetic and sustainable solution for the landscaping of your garden, embankment, driveway?

Home Improvements advises you on your particular project, whatever your requirements for gabions. We will be able to offer solutions using wire mesh gabion building blocks to address a multitude of construction problems, from design to implementation:

  • Retaining walls

  • Self-supporting walls

  • Sound Barriers

  • Erosion control

  • Structures in your garden   

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